Engineered Stone (QUARTZ)

Engineered stone, also known as Quartz, is composed of 90% to 95% stone-like materials and resin to create extremely durable countertops.  Quartz typically comes sealed from the manufacturer, making it the most stain resistant countertop surface we sell. Below are links to common quartz companies we work with. Please contact us if you are interested in viewing samples in person. If you’d prefer to use a manufacturer you don’t see here, please let us know! 


Sintered stone is also manufactured using a base of natural stone. The sintering process requires extreme heat and pressure  to bond the material together, which results in an incredibly resilient material. Sintered stone is highly resistant to scratching and staining and safe for UV rays. Most slabs come 12 or 20mm, which is thinner than the standard 30mm thickness of quartz and granite. This makes products like Dekton and Neolith ideal for applications other than countertops, such as fireplace surrounds or shower walls. Please contact us if you are interested to discuss pricing and design concepts.